Am antenna hook up How to I make an AM Antenna?

Am antenna hook up, connecting the fm and am antennas

A tight flat coil will result. It's much "longer" than it appears, and is a very efficient tuned antenna. Make sure your smaller loop does not touch or short out to the antenna.

To connect an external FM antenna:

Static electricity often occurs when you am antenna hook up across a carpet and build up a charge like a capacitorand then you discharge yourself to a metal surface. Just so you have an idea of what I'm working with, there is an attached picture of my stereo, front view. MorrisSWL on June 13, And if you are really motivated, clean up your algebra book, and calculate the resulting C that you get! Keeping a similar configuration as you outlined that worked, try using 75 ohm coax routed from the Rx AM terminals to the tuned loop-coupled loop configuration TL-CL.

Yes a nearby AM radio may even produce a slight "pop" when you do this.

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This is how the loop antenna produces gain. Answer your own question. Steve - K4HX on June 16, Do you really think using aluminum foil and alligator clips are a long term solution? Hi folks, I'll be tied up for about 2 weeks so putting this project on hold.

To connect an external AM antenna:

It only has to have one contact since the radio waves are basically static. Yes, I made it!

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If you're not using the loop that came with the receiver, you most likely at the very least, would have to adjust the internal AM front end to increase the usefulness of the loop you are using. This link might help: No, you are probably right, it will not last for more than a year Lightning produces broadband radio noise which a sensitive AM receiver often "mistakes" as a true radio signal. Steve - K4HX on June 19, Radio waves are not "basically static".

I Used a 12ft length of CAT5 ethernet cable to create 8 loops of insulated wire as described in the Instructable but still can not get very good signal on local AM Stations that are less than 20 Miles away.

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But I lost the supplied external AM loop antenna. June 19,