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Brobible hook up stories

Tinder Tales: 16 insane but true stories

One night, I went out with a couple of bros to our local watering hole for a few sodas. So I went around inviting the girls from work to parties with me a lot.

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TL;DR Got head from girlfriend, got caught by her grandmammy, all hell let loose. If someone had told me earlier in the night that this was going to happen, I likely wouldn't have believed a word of it.

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When we got back to the house and I quickly took her to my bedroom. We slip out while everyone's distracted.

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Parents and bro sleep upstairs, the Grandmammy sleep downstairs in a room that is right off from the kitchen. Next thing I know, she starts moaning a lot as she's sucking me off and starts to grab my thighs.

The Window

Read Taylor's blog here. Which in itself wasn't that big of a deal.

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I kept her cumming til there was no squirt left. As if this whole set up would leave women defenseless to my charms.

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Although, she did manage to retain her pricy chest support. About 2 minutes go by and she says she forgot a towel and asks me to get her one, so I do. Then they start getting weird.

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Eventually, I accepted they were just eye candy to look at as I passed them in the hall. I spent most of that hook up stories flirting with a female sales rep on the same circuit. Like nothing can go wrong, you're making every shot, out-sprinting kids, and things are moving in slow motion?

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The conversation is typical high school bullshit, and I quickly get bored. I couldn't tell you how thrilled I was, this was something that was months in the making and everything was playing out beyond my expectations. When I was sure the officer had left I exited the swamp and found that I was covered in goose shit. Even though whenever I saw her around campus, I'd wave and sometimes wink.

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