Caravan hook up not working Understanding Caravan and Tow Car Electrics

Caravan hook up not working, latest motorhome reviews

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However, as caravans have evolved to the demands of the modern caravanner, these systems have become more complex, but a basic understanding of a simple system will help you diagnose faults even on complex systems in a modern caravan and help to maintain your caravan over the coming years. Can some one advise what is the maximum leisure battery capacity can be put on the caravan i. If it does, it will usually be a high amperage rating. On some of the more expensive voltage sensing relays you can adjust the voltage. Or has that tripped?

Working under the maximum load limit of your caravan hook up not working helps to prevent electrical faults. I've also checked the fuse supplying my my hook up. Get top tips on touring abroad to give you the confidence to go further on your motorhome holidays. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: There will be another set of fuses for the habitation items, most likely inside the habitation area.

At this point, I have to throw a few other things into the pot.

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Overloading and misuse of the sockets often lead to power failure. There is no need to remove the battery from the caravan. A word of caution, if you are not confident, get an electrician to have a look. I too had a similar experience with the tow bar electrics and was quoted a similar price. February 6, at 7: The 'missing' fuse in the 4 way holder is normal.

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If you plug into the hook-up first, the semi-exposed other end will be live. As a result it blew a fuse in my glove compartment box15amp.


The incoming feed from the car goes to a relay. We have seen how we calculate the voltage drop in a given length of cable for a given load. Check the fuse and wiring in the 13A plug.

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Hybrid vehicle batteries are usually a lot higher voltage. I broached the subject with the dealer who initially said they would address the matter.