Dating a picture by clothing Identifying Photograph Types

Dating a picture by clothing, style clues & cues in antique photos

It's a wonderful picture and I am showing it here to enable you readers to see how to analyse your own picture.

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Thanks for commenting in here Patty. Does back of image plate look like copper? Can you only see image from an angle? And for you, reading this, I am sure these suggestions are just the beginning of what could help Patty and others out with this problem.

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The first step in dating 19th century photographs is identifying which technology was used to create the picture. Many Irish and Scottish folk flooded into the town looking for work. Everything you need in a step-by-step guide to help you establish online dating chat philippines reliable date of your 19th century card photographs. In the following sections are some basic, practical tips for recognising the main stylistic changes in female, male and children's dating a picture by clothing, with illustrated examples.

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These are the changes that make any era of society special in relation to the study of the costume of a period. I think they are very smartly dressed for a crowd scene and would really like to know more about the picture.

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If the photos are just randomly removed from the album s before any record is made of their original sequence, you will likely need more effort to properly identify them. The cloche hat was not confined to the s as is often first thought. Fanciful costumes also developed for small boys, such as the 'historical' velvet bakersfield dating sites with lace or frilled collar and the more functional sailor's suit, which remained very popular between the s and s.

I find this method to be easier for me because I am quick and comfortable with computers.

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Sometimes photographs submitted to this column come with extensive explanations of the images while others are accompanied by a plaintive question for clues to identify the person and time frame. Find the facts about your old photos with a KwikTip guide for: Member of Association of Professional Genealogists. In this image, taken in the decade from toskirt lengths began to change from longer at the beginning of the decade to mid-calf by the end of it. So thank you for asking me! The boys with bicycles in the left hand side background are wearing Eton style school-uniform jackets, and collars often featured in books circa Halvor Moorshead, publisher of Family Chronicle magazine and editor of several books about dating old photos, has one of a series of articles about dating photos at http: Most slides have a date printed or stamped on them when they were developed.

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By around the WWI dating a picture by clothing, many girls were wearing plainer dresses that ended above the knee often showing long knickers underneath! A closer look at the photograph also reveals that standing at the far left hand side is a man ina clerical collar, possibly the Church Minister.

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Variations on the knickerbockers suit continued throughout the later 19th century, some rather masculine versions made just like a miniature man's three-piece lounge suit. Recently I sent a scanned image to a friend. So wrapping this up, Patty DI am so glad to hear you have such a good start on your photo collection.

I suppose bearing in mind your comment at the time of the war there is not much between andbut there are substantial fashion changes between and that eliminate those dates, now often known as the Titanic era. The date of this image is quite clearly to As well as loose groups of photos.

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But, maybe the way in which I wrote it out will shake loose something in your head that could possibly help you out more. Also see some sketches of vintage hairstyles here.

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In the midst of growing several award-winning websites over the past decade, she also served as the editor-in-chief of two national print magazin By the turn of the century, a greater variety of male garments may possibly appear in photographs, including some items of sportswear and the casual blazer, popular for weekends and leisure activities. This picture of old Hebburn was kindly sent to me by Norman Dunn who has a website of old photographs he has been collecting for many years.

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