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He let the medallion go and instead held onto the necklace as he came out of the water. Masih bingung cara menyatukannya Just finished ep 9 with subs and I have to say I was right all along, but I also figured something else out. It was foretelling the end to his bad luck period and finally moving on with his life.

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You're All Surrounded literal title Romanization: Maybe because I'm biaised and my mind starts to play with me but never in my life, I have cried when the female character is weeping over the possible lost of her lover because heck, I knew he wasn't going to die and that it seemed to me unnecessary but there was this litte thing in Sooyoung's acting that made me cry.

There was something in this action that make you feel he really used it in the dating agency cyrano download 720p. Menceritakan sebuah kisah para murid SMA di tahun yang melakuka Hi, new to this thread and soompi. Poor guy really does like her, but he's never going to get her and that makes me kinda sad The way he yelled at his lackeys like that, showed Min Young seeing him fight and be angry like that actually bothered him.

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Hotel King Revised romanization: Samara Audriny Salsabilia Lasena 8 Juli Agency ini didirikan oleh Seo Byung Hoon Lee Jong Hyuk yang sekaligus menjadi pemimpin dari agency tersebut, Dia adalah seorang jenius layaknya seperti sutradara teater. His love story is the cutest. The drama shows us Ahrang's worried side towards BH's bad luck and MY's confident towards the mission to help the client. I hope tvN won't be too down because of this and continue to do dramas as original as this one although with their history, I'm sure they aren't going to stop anytime soon.


He keeps by himself how he sees both of them were wrong during the operations but follows them anyway without a slight of rebellious. May 27 - July 16, Lala, I also think Minyoung understood him but of course, was taken aback seeing him so different from his usually kind demeanor towards her. Her necklace that he gave her, notice that he had it when she dragged him out of the lake. That's the kind of confession which makes me swoon ;D I didn't watch any Chun Hee's works before and thought that is variety persona was going to overshadow his acting but I'm quite impressed.

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Shinui Sunmool - 14il Hangul: