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Sign up to receive our email newsletter - sales, updates, news, etc. There are few production records prior to ! Because catalogs were not printed prior toyou would have to rely on wholesale orders which lack detailed descriptions. Displayed in a store or home.

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Door of Hope dolls Many came directly from the factory this way. It dating annalee dolls have the actual year in bigger print than the copyright. The web photo doll is saved for "last one" and will not be sold prior. I found most of the Christmas dolls were missing the burlap sack or a small Christmas present cardboard box. Joseph Louis Joanny This might indicate the doll is missing an accessory.


Be sure to compare both the front and the back of the doll. If doll was made prior to then the date on the Annalee tag is ONLY the copyright date, not the actual year! You will see ALL the dolls that have that facial expression! Nibbles only go part way, they resemble "craters on the moon".

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Very common for bases to have occasional dings or scratches. Might have slight shelf dust or fading. Automata, Mechanical Dolls s.


For those collectors that desire various facial expressions or just like one in particular, you will LOVE this system. Fluorescent lighting, exposure to sun, cigarette smoke, wood stove and kitchen odors and exposure to dampness can often cause damage to the doll. Some dolls have been cataloged with both the eyes and the face mentioned. Bible Doll Company s. Halopeau H Mold Dolls Casey, Twiggy Skipper, Ginger.

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