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Shedding the mammy struggle and despair image that has unfortunately become the vanguard of black womenhood. Deanna I do not agree with this post.

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These men state the lowest comments about black women. These hateful men unfortunately overshadow the decent ones.

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The last time I checked people are supposed to live their lives for themselves. First of all, average young white guys are better-looking than black guys imo.

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Dear God, please let Prince Harry marry a black woman. Like actually… he gets me on a high magnitude of nerdism.

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Honestly when we first started dating I thought it was a joke. If you need sex advice or have questions about love, you've come to the right place.

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Wondering if people are judging him for dating a black chick in the first place. If they do, please post. You want to hear praises about black men…. We cover important news and topics about girls and women.

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You are making things worse. I was always picked on for my looks.

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One minute, no white men want you, next minute, you get with average white men. When young BW tell me about the dreams of their future, they want to be nurses, doctors, journalists, computer programmers, scientists.

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Black men are actualized men, they are not dating black girl memes forced into doing anything. The better question to ask is why this kind of content is created by black men for public consumption in the first place? Maybe they are in love.

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I try to tell these guys that I know very few men regardless of race who were able to attract and marry a quality woman without a lot of effort on their part.