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A large cave of southwestern Zimbabwe, where excavations have revealed a long sequence of occupation over the past 50, years.

The general term for the stone, bone, or wooden tip of a projectile -- the point that is attached to a weapon such as an arrow, dart, dating dart thrower commercial, or spear. A hunting-and-gathering way of life adapted to the post-Pleistocene conditions of the arid and semi-arid zones of the American West from Oregon to California, and with extensions into similar areas of Mexico.

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There were also ground stone implements for milling seeds. Ambrona probably datesyears ago, from the end of the Mindel glacial period.

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Grave Creek Mound are usually conical and they became most common around BC. Agriculture was unknown or unimportant, and the small nomadic bands lived by collecting wild plants and hunting game. Would you like to merge this question into it?

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In these areas the cultural climax was roughly contemporary with that of the Maya, and the term Classic took on a chronological meaning as well. This function is a specific example of linear regression analysis and can be used to describe the relationship between the amount of a given commodity found at any point and the place from which it was exported.

A category of stone artifacts consisting of pointed tools flaked on one or both sides. A site in northern Louisiana with a spectacular group of late Archaic sites, c BC in the Woodland stage. Dude, what you did is as far as that GIF needs to go.

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The site consisted of six concentric octagons, each formed of earthen ridges that seem to have been used as dwelling areas. There was a woodworking and quartzite industry and some cattle breeding.

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The name derives from Capsa, the Latin dating dart thrower commercial of Gafsa, a town in south central Tunisia where such artifacts were first discovered. A point like a piquant-triedre except that it is backed and the tip then twisted off so the microburin scar forms an extended point laurel-leaf point CATEGORY: The ability to predict astronomical events would have enhanced political power, which is something suggested in Mesoamerica.

The environment may play a part in the nature of an artifact if it has been seriously altered by man through fire, house and road construction, agricultural practices, etc. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. The bars progressively spread across the valley bottom, usually as a thin sheet of sand or gravel containing layers that dip into the channel bottom.

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Submit a humorous link. The period is characterized by large projectile points and percussion-chipped stone tools suitable for the slaughter and butchering of big game. Three unifacially incised limestone plaques 10, BC and a piece of artificially perforated marl have been interpreted as ritual items or adornments. The people were mammoth hunters who also carved bone and ivory.

The site illustrates the transition from food gathering to food production and the improvement of house-building quality.