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Dating intp girl

They try to find someone similar to them. These terms contain the basic knowledge about our personalities.

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But I'm dating intp girl ahead of myself. Find More Posts by SpaceYeti.

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Originally Posted by Bria I struggled with it for a little bit because I was used to being the smart one in the relationship, but now that I have my head out of my ass, I actually prefer it I couldn't go back to someone with limited interest in knowledge and ideas If I have a crazy idea, he is not just supportive, he gets involved.

Dating us will not only make you smarter, it will make you more powerful. They make an interesting company. My maturity wasn't high enough either.

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Originally Posted by Duxwing. And when I can be overly dating intp girl and logical, she's much more warm and loving to me. Whether they like to clean up our mess or be a mess with us, we can do with either or.

But i have the feeling that the awkward silence wouldn't be so awkward with a female intp since it would be normal for both of us.

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If you look at the cognitive functions, they are completely our opposites. Well, they only look like ones. The time now is I will never go through your stuff.

Last edited by PandaBoo; at The video has lots of advice concerning other types, but as an INTP I think many of these things don't really apply anymore.

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I have known a number of ENFP's, and can believe that this would be an excellent combination. You are a person who wants to understand, and you have a real heartfelt desire to understand your INTP and make him or her happy. I couldn't handle my feelings, I didn't know what was going on inside me, or my partner. Now I try to be mature emotionally, and cool myself down, give my partner more freedom. Try and use another provider if possible.

"Ideal" romantic matches for an INTP female

Smart men are a turn-on. Plus, an INTP is usually absent-minded and that will be sort of cute. We were married six months later. With your friends, however, we will find ourselves easily socializing and genuinely laughing at their jokes. An INTP crush is all about mental obsession. Here are some available suggestions.

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