Dating le creuset How to Identify Genuine Le Creuset Stoneware

Dating le creuset

I am so disappointed and I shall never buy Le Creuset again.

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So professional with a happy customer ending. As you say, for the price you paid, the cookware ought to have performed much better and should have lasted forever. Oh my goodness Adri, you just made my day. The size appears on the bottom center of the pan as a double digit number. Adri This is a feel-great story! The initial, colourless ground coat protects against rust. It is a real memory maker.

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I really was surprised. It all took less than 3 datings le creuset. Boy, did I ever dislike the staining, though.

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Two layers of enamel are applied to all Le Creuset cookware. Signature series features vs. I sent it, and in just a tad over 3 weeks a replacement arrived. Now I can say I love the company too. My fantasy is owning a complete set of Le Creuset.

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And I know a lot of other people who have the same experience with their Le Creuset. For lower prices, look for used items or listings that offer free shipping.

I knew I had treated the pot well, never having scratched or chipped it.

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Gotta love this level of customer service. Diamond Mark Many Le Creuset pieces feature a diamond mark with a number in the center. Use the basic or advanced search feature as a starting point. Look for Identifying Marks Although many other brands of stoneware include designs similar to Le Creuset products, there are several identifying marks that indicate a product is genuine Le Creuset dating le creuset.

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Does anyone have any experience with these pieces? I called Le Creuset to initiate a replacement but the customer service representative told me that they do not replace for an exterior chip. Last night I placed this mystery piece next to a new piece of LC and they look remarkably similiar.

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Abd did u need original receipt? Many Le Creuset pieces feature a diamond mark with a number in the center.

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They were definitely not Teflon, aand they did not scratch, they peeled. Refine the initial search results to a more manageable amount by selecting options, such as color, size, or style, from the options menu. Love this post, Adri! I carefully boxed The Orange Pot and mailed it away. I have CusineArt French oven that was used in a same way for 6 years and no cracks ever appeared.