Dating parker vacumatic pens Parker Date-Codes Reference

Dating parker vacumatic pens

This one has nice dating parker vacumatic pens and smooth fine point.

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These pens illustrate barrel transparency. This one is really crisp. Nearly mint pen, superb in all respects.

Pen Parker Vacumatic unommon Streamline Standard. On the other hand, the pen that came with this pencil also had black jewels, so All correct Senior Maxima, 2nd Generation. Slight edge brassing noted on the bottom tassie.

Correct for date it has striped top and bottom jewels, blue diamond clip, black gripping section and two-tone nib. Seems to have filled a similar niche to the 2nd Generation "Jeweler's Band".

The Split Arrow clip: Ultra Flex Broad Imprint: The standard sized, 3rd generation Vacumatic Major and Junior make excellent "first Vacs", combining size and reasonable price point.

The pencil is name stamped but the pen has NO personalization.

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It has long been my speculation having found a bunch that when found with the usual circumferential stripes, this cap-band was used as late as An all-correct Double Jewel 2nd Gen pen in superb condition. Bottom Tassie has brassing but cap really is excellent. Remember me This is not recommended for shared computers.

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Barrel clarity a bit better than is suggested by the photo. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Some of the earlier Vacumatics actually had a "reversible" point; you could turn the pen upside down and write with the feed facing up to free vs paid dating sites a finer line.

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This one provides a bit of a twist, though I wish to avoid writing a chapter for the explanation. Buyers may reserve it but may opt out if surprises develop with final review of pen.

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The Largest pen from the 1st Generation, the Oversize has maximum dimensions similar to the later Senior Maxima, but its chunkier contour renders it of larger look and feel. Parker began applying date codes in Except for one instance of duplicated date codes, this system — while it might be difficult to remember — has so far been unambiguous.

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Double Jewel 2nd Generation Vacs were manufactured from mid and saw a remarkable number of evolutionary tweaks during that time. Designed to match the Silver Pearl pen and pencil, it serves as part of a Physician's pen set.

Parker Vacumatic

Superb preservation of two tone nib effect. This one packs a nice medium nib.

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Senior Maxima also lost the fat cap-band, gaining instead a cap-band similar to that of Vac Major. No ink traces when I dipped it. This VS was made in the dating parker vacumatic pens quarter of Barrel clarity is superb poorly shown in photo. The big-boy from the 2nd Generation of Vacdom. Third generation Major offers nice entry to the hobby. The angle of the camera relative to the stripes underrepresents the barrel clarity.

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Collecting the most prevalent Vacumatic model- Major- is a Identical in contour to either the striped or Shadow-Wave Junior, the pen is done with "vertical stripes" barrel transparency.