Dating site for librarians 3 Ridiculous Misconceptions About Dating a Librarian

Dating site for librarians, déposez vos fichiers n’importe où pour les mettre en ligne

If advertising has become really attractive to women, I suspect Mad Men is responsible. March 17, at 2: She might actually appreciate a man who knows a Homer outside of Simpson. March 12, at 5: However, female librarians were the most picky about whom they would interact with.

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For example, male librarians were least likely to initiate conversations with female teachers. A list on the online dating website eHarmony datings site for librarians a lot of encouragement. Let them have their alone dating site for librarians. You have to be wary of that kind of thing. A romantic poster from the Los Angeles Public Library.

Men prefer female lawyers, probably so they can make endless variations on the invitation for the lawyers to examine their briefs. Librarians were also included, male and female. Another list on WikiHowl has some similarities, including the apparent universally held notion that that librarians are great at Scrabble.

Misconception #1: Librarians love to read

March 12, at 7: Personally I love librarians. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources available to help you weigh the pros and cons of dating a librarian.

Male librarians, along with bartenders and caterers, were also the least picky about who they would date. Women prefer men in advertising? Librarians are literate, well educated, organized, analytical, budget-conscious, and passionate about learning.

Comments Moni Rae says: The Annoyed Librarian is a free spirit and you are lucky to have her. The rest I totally am.

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It might apply more to public librarians than academic librarians, though, since a lot of the academic librarians I know sort of fell into the work after they stopped trying to be professors. About Annoyed Librarian The Annoyed Librarian is possibly the most successful, respected, and desirable librarian of her generation.

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Perhaps that makes some sense as well. March 30, at 7: I would be librarian on my list. I will admit men tend to have crushes on certain occupations such as nurses, teachers, etc.

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Although I guess most of them love what they do as far as it goes. They have lists for reasons to date everyone from airline pilots to administrative assistants. Fan mail may be addressed to: Return to top of page.

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On her blogthe Annoyed Librarian also posted about minorities in librarianship, prompting a commenter to give a blunt and cautionary assessment of the dating scene in libraries: Midwest SciTech Librarian says: I myself am a college professor and truly value a woman with intellect.

Male librarians, along with bartenders and caterers, were also the least picky about who they would date. Perhaps that makes some sense as well.

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