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Dating your assistant manager, report abuse

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I don't ever recall a man being transferred or dismissed for this reason, but I could be mistaken. I have seen people promoted dating your assistant manager qualifed people to jobs they were neither qualified for nor good at. Worse than supervisor and subordinate, because there is no HR or boss stopping the company owner, if things go wrong. Of course, after I had the audacity to marry him, there were officers in my squadron who would not speak to me.

I haven't dealt with a customer yet at this base who fit the qualifications nevermind the fact that, I being married, EVERYBODY on this base fails to meet either my personal, professional, or legally sanctioned qualifications for dating: When I returned the call to one of the restaurants, the general manager said that one of the female servers was there with her mother demanding that some action be taken against one of the assistant managers who, she said, had been constantly harassing her.

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In the case of supervisor and subordinate: Hi Dave, I've modified your question to address the concerns raised by Chad, and have voted to reopen it. The other instance was when I received a page at home one evening. There have been several marriages between co-workers at my company, so dating between co-workers is clearly not forbidden.

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The subordinate may reasonably believe that rejecting the invitation will have adverse consequences at work. How could you ever hope to have an equal, balanced relationship? There are currently two people in my dept.

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Seriously, stop bogarting the coffee cake! When I started, there were unspoken rules that coworkers in the same department couldn't date, and the head pharmacist attempted to write me up for dating another pharmacy tech. Bob isn't getting a fair shake.

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The brain dead logic being you would rip them off if romantically involved with another employee, but not if you were friends or just coworkers. In the dating your assistant manager case, the company lost several valuable employees because they couldn't stand to be managed by the secretary the CEO promoted to be the Project Manager because he was having an affair with her.

Think about it; once you start dating, your employee could also claim that he or she feared losing his or her job unless you kept seeing each other.

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For the subordinate it's a very dangerous game. My business partner is dating one of his direct reports. If she agrees that it would be best for her to move on, ask popular dating sites in jamaica in your network if they know of an equivalent—or, ideally, better—position at another company.

But hey, happily married with 2 kids.

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Can you be overqualified for a job? Ok let's be blunt and share some of the negative consequences I have personally experienced or observed from bosses dating their subordinates:

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