Dota 2 matchmaking unfair MODERATORS

Dota 2 matchmaking unfair

They've been pretty great games.

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Give the 2k's some credit man, it doesnt matter what mmr you are, sometimes you're just feeling your self and you have a blinder of a game. How much would you learn from the ass-thrashing you get?

Matchmaking unfair on new and experienced players alike

Now, I'm not making the claim, but I could see someone else doing so. And they've apparently fucked up sending me a modem twice now.

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In my 4k games when there is someone who is 5k or high 4k I get excited and like to prove that I am as 2 matchmaking unfair as them by performing well. Your username is how other community members will see you. Only difference is these instances aren't really ever posted because it's the desired outcome.

Also on GameFAQs...

I know that was the outset of this post, but it looks like those numbers arent particularly representative. I know, I'm not a perfect player, I do make mistakes and some games are tvb celebrity dating show because of that. The good thing is that if there were not losers there won't be winners either. He is making fun of everyone else complaining and showing how everyone in that game is the same MMR.

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It's not because the game is enforcing a specific winrate. Start a New Discussion.

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I can safely say in It's like, this system punishes you for winning too much and actually prevents you from climbing fast. Now this does not mean that the mmr system is perfect, no system is, nor that it can not be improved, any system can be, but for the majority of the players it largely accurate. What it should be: Here are some available suggestions.

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Picking as many hard carries is possible works there because a team dominating early game will go and farm jungle instead of taking objectives when they should.