Halo reach matchmaking ban Temporarily banned from playing Halo: Reach online

Halo reach matchmaking ban

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The above policies were enacted during July of I'm guessing he was playing for about an hour before we came back to play, and he had gone through quite a few games getting betrayals. Tedious, boring as hell things happen frequently in games, and I'm not going to play a game that's not giving me enjoyment. Honestly, this entire situation could be avoided if you decided to play another game and wait out the Probation like that.

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Yeah, that happens to me every day. I'd prefer it if you could drop in and out of games too, and then there be a separate playlist for teams that stick together throughout halos reach matchmaking ban, kind of L4D2ish.

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I'm curious how many matches you are playing alone then. Bad news is that i has reach running, but does not attend to people with these problems, as stated by most players, the ban system is hard wired in the game, and it cannot be taken away, you will just have to wait out the ban, I know by experience, I had las vegas hookup bars horrible connection for years.

My ban was finally lifted 1 week after it was instated. Post as a guest Name.

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Stop whining, grow up. This system has been in place since day one.

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I do think in general quitters ruin the match. Joe Goad user homepage: To see the latest posts, switch to the Trending sort mode.

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This includes, but is not limited to, racist and pornographic content. It's not that hard to balance out your life from video games.

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A ban is the denial of a person or group's access to a service or resource. The fact I got booted was accidental on my behalf but they should have anticipated other problems not related to network problems.

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Why the Hell would you steal everything from CoD and not this? Matchmaking ban for quitting?

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Find a Playlist that you won't leave C: Frequency99poopy Simple, If you keep getting into games you don't wan't to play in you can.