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Mechanical Baseboard Heater Thermostats

I have an electronic thermostat, and it sounds like one set of wires powers the heater, and the other set powers the thermostat? Attach the black wire to the side of the baseboard heater thermostat. Remove the front cover of the heater by removing the screws located in the lower corners. Go to the circuit breaker panel and switch the heater breaker on. Use a level, if one is available, to make sure the thermostat is level and plumb - if not the screw holes in the new thermostat will be slotted so that it can be tipped slightly one way or the other.

Many simple mechanical baseboard heater units include a thermometer in the thermostat and indicate the temperature being set on the dial. Some of these high quality thermostats can operate either a single or double pole system, making a buying decision that much easier.

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Not only are they effective but they're so subtle and provide an even flow of heat most people have come to appreciate. Install two screws through the cover into the junction boxes. I did an upstairs renovation where I turned 2 rooms and a bathroom into one larger open concept master bedroom. Installing a high performance thermostat in your home can help you better control the comfort level for your family and save money by keeping the room temperature consistent.

If your unit is of the built-in style it is still possible to easily replace it, but a thermostat very similar to what is already in the baseboard heater will have to be utilized as space limitations and physical mounting becomes much more important. Before you do anything, turn off the circuit and verify that no power is flowing. If the thermostat is good, the tester remains lit in both positions. Please try again later. Again using the voltage detector, carefully touch each wire with the tool; if there are only 2 wires one will indicate voltage while if there are four wires double pole then two of them will indicate voltage.

No one wires them like that! They are cheap and easy to install, but you especially need to make sure you've got the wiring correct. The other end of the hot wire is loadmeaning it flows to your baseboard.

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Realize that plus or minus 3 degrees can result in a hook up thermostat baseboard heater of 6 degrees in the temperature of the room; this is unacceptable to many people and a digital thermostat should be used instead. With the thermostat turned off and removed from the wall but still connected to the wires carefully hook up thermostat baseboard heater each wire as far as possible from each other wire and turn the power back on. Typically, one is black and the other is red. The black wire will connect to the line side of the thermostat.

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Shop Our Selection of Baseboard H eaters. How is the best way to wire each from my breaker source?

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FeaturedTech Support Can I use multiple heaters with just one thermostat? Where should I install my wall-mount thermostat? Your baseboard heater will be either or volts, and you need to purchase a thermostat with the same voltage.

Baseboard Heater or Line Voltage Thermostats

Connect the black wire to the load side of the thermostat. Connect supply ground wire to grounding pigtail in wall can.

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Turn the thermostat clockwise to trigger the thermostat switch.