How to say i am dating in spanish How to say i'm dating with someone in spanish?

How to say i am dating in spanish

I want to know her.

How to ask if someone has a boyfriend or girlfriend in Spanish

Are you traveling by yourself? We have a love-hate relationship. Carlos and Paulina met through a dating web site.

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Nos conocimos en el parque. So conocer is used for meeting someone for the first time.

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You seem jealous to them. Estoy casado con Mariana.

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What languages do you speak or understand? Another way to say the English phrase above using the non-reflexive despedir this time: When asking if someone is single in Spanish, you use a conjugation of either ser or estar as the verb. I have looked in the WR dictionary for the translation of "dating" the practice of going out with someone to whom you are attracted.

If the person is a male, he is referred to as your "novio".

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Im dateing with someone I just said it in english so. You can even use parecerse to ask what someone looks like: I can find the word for "date" "cita" which also means appointment, but not "dating".

JeromedSep 11, If this person is trying to ask you out you can say something like: If this was the first time meeting this person you would say:. I have an open marriage. We met at the park last week.

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Try Fluencia, the new Spanish learning program from SpanishDict. It only means it is not work-related.