Indoor wood boiler hook up INSTALLATION

Indoor wood boiler hook up

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With the pump running prime and flush bearings first! After water has circulated for 1 hour, test Nitrite level to assure required 1,ppm and add treatment if below this level.


An outdoor furnaces uses water to transfer wood heat from the outdoor boiler to a home, shop or any other location that requires heat. More precise and more stable temperature control inside building. Polar recommends all installs include a heat exchanger between the outdoor wood furnace and the indoor distribution system.

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This provides the means to solely heat the home with the outdoor boiler if the water on the incoming line is over F. Help with switch issues. You must use underground insulated pex pipe for transferring the heated water from the boiler to the home.

If you have any installation questions at all, please call Randy at (608) 399-4847!

Several types of heat emitters are covered. I was told that regulating h20 temp by using a flue damper hooked to a aquastat was the wrong approach.

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Go back to the home page. The above video courtesy of Biomass Direct shows how to install a water to water plate heat exchanger!

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The NCB boiler may be connected to an existing boiler system. Thread Tools Show Printable Version.


Slide the heat exchanger into the hole for a test fit. Pex pipe and power lines are to be installed underground between the house and the boiler and must be buried below frost lines.

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Let me know how I can get in touch with you and I will email it. I have included a frost line depth chart photo below.

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In this concept the main pump at the heater is always on and circulating hot water. A maximum of 5 amps is used by the boiler if all standard equipment is running.

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A water-to-water plate heat exchanger is needed to transfer heat from the outdoor boiler to the indoor hydronic system so that the two systems remain indoor wood boiler hook up see next diagram. Click on the drawing or links below to open a larger image file. I would like the flow to come out the back of the wood furnace, into the back of the original furnace, up through that past the zone valves, and back into the top of the wood boiler.

Also read maintenance section in full. Anyone know where I can get a fan and louver that can be connected to an aquastat?

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Ideally the core of the heat exchanger will be entirely within the plenum. It has 3 sets of coils each with an in and an out. Underground Insulated Pex Pipe You must use underground insulated pex pipe for transferring the heated water from the boiler to the home.

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We have plumbing professionals available to help with your installation.