Kang gary song ji hyo dating 2013 Who is Song Ji-hyo’s Boyfriend? Lovelife about Song Ji-hyo(Cheon Seong-im)

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Such a great point! Gary and Ji Hyo are not a couple for real! Then come the october in singapore, it was really the first kang gary song ji hyo dating 2013 Ji Hyo ever said "I love you" and she blush when Gary tried to kiss her, these were all natural body language and feeling, compare to the season of on screen chemistry where it always show Ji Hyo was always trying to control herself and act "professionally", while Gary was the one who tried to start a moment.

Posted January 9, By nonski Started November 29, By sebastian27 Started September To many fans, it seemed like Gary genuinely had some feelings for Ji Hyo or at least had a crush on her in a star-struck kind of way.

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The awkwardness was gone and in its place there appeared to be something bordering on genuine affection. Gary is Mong-ji and he showed it to the camera while Ji Hyo, hesitated, thought for awhile and said Kang Gary but didn't showed her phone. When the interviewer asked Song Ji Hyo about her pet name for Gary, she said she doesn't have any!

Usually, at least one of the people involved will start developing feelings for the other. What does your heart tell you when you think about the Monday couple though? Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community.

Gary is really caring towards Jihyo, mayb cos she the only female. Naturally, who would not be affected by this love affair? I'm okay with all their denial, as long as they continue to give us pictures like this.


Their arms are around each other tho. As their relationship progressed, it was easy to notice that Gary and Ji Hyo seemed different than before.

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Your name in Japanese is diarrhea. In an interview once, Ji Hyo said she missed Gary who was elsewhere filming. Their shippers went totally crazy over this picture of them snugging up to each other, making more and more fans believe in their rumoured love. Fans continued to debate the issue, and rumors spread that the two were secretly dating. OMG i hope they will confess soonnnnnnn: Ji Hyo, on the other hand, primarily laughed it off and just found amusement at the jokes and comments.

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Almost end of the year now, and it will be christmas soon, wondering what Santa will give the Monday Couples this year. Based on the information i gather and read thus far, Gary and Ji Hyo seem to be very close to each other now and their love story may finally be real and official: Reblogged this on galuh It did not happen overnight: The 7 best Chinese TV dramas for beginners 0 0.

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Just wait they will clarify things in perfect time. Already have an account?

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Monday Couple isn't afraid to show affection in public On a Running Man after party in January, Ji Hyo sat on Gary's lap and he had his arms around her slim waist in front of everyone on the Running Man team!

When the next few episodes aired though, it did appear that there was a bit of awkwardness between the pair which prompted many fans to comment on the episodes.

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With no public or eyes around you, just simplicity. Even with the contrived and scripted situations, however, there seemed to be something real and genuine in the actions of our Monday couple.

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But then after watching episode of Running Man with excitement, i feel am in the right mood to write. Hence She is free to follow her heart from now on.