Living together after dating 3 months Alice, Is There A Right Time To Move In Together?

Living together after dating 3 months

We've been together for just over 7 years and get married in 48 DAYS!

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I think we'd only been dating a few months, and rather than be logical and let him simply crash with me while he figured out a better situation, we naively decided to find out just how shaky the relationship was. The first couple months were rough though. It was actually mutual.

Until we weren't anymore. A week or two after we hooked up, I moved into his bedroom.

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We moved in together when I graduated college, because he could afford an apartment and wanted an excuse to escape his family, and it seemed like a better option for me than being homeless or trying to couchsurf with distant relatives hundreds of miles away. I moved out my parents' house at On the other hand, if you don't get along or such, how is school going to be affected by it?

They do it for the same reasons you're contemplating it: All of our friends thought it was too soon.

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There's no way of knowing what the 'right time' is. Moving in too soon? I had my first child at barely You tingle with anticipation at what new things you will learn and love about her.

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We got our own place together about 3 months later. Only you're going to be able to effectively answer the question of "too soon" for you both, BUT I would strongly consider how this will affect the relationship.

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By this point, the girl was getting impatient. You want to spend quality time together- when you are in school and stressed out, this will be an outlet.

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I was basically there all the time anyway and was never at my roommates house, except to pick up clothes and such, so it only made sense to move into his place. We are in totally pretty different places in our lives. A little over 4 years.

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After three months, you make new experiences and new stories. Whether you are a woman or a man, please do not speak for all women. What should we call you?

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We are very happy with our slow burn. It's so awesome that this all feels living together after dating 3 months and meant to be and that's how it's supposed to feel, but that doesn't mean you need to rush. You didn't ask me but I dated my high school boyfriend through three years of college. We moved in together after 2 years of being in a relationship. Their opinions don't matter, especially if they don't have all of the information.

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I moved in with 'moonMan after three months. This makes a lot of sense. But remember, love has many different stages and transitioning from the "being in love" stage to the "living together" stage is a big deal.