Math hook up lines The Top Ten List of Pick-Up Lines to use on Math Chicks

Math hook up lines

Are you a differentiable function?

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I totally forgot it existed. Mine would be the top quark, because its other name is the truth quark, and as a scientist my passion is to look for what's true.

Math, your problem solving wing-man

Why don't you be the numerator and I be the denominator and both of us reduce to simplest form? You must be an asymptote, because I just find myself getting closer and closer to you.

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This includes reference requests - also see our lists of recommended books and free online resources. He said that these were derivatives for certain formulas but he didn't say what for, so I'm assuming s''' t is jerk. I wish I were your second derivative so i could fill your concavities.

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Your body has the nicest arc length I've ever seen. You've got more curves than a triple integral. Already have an account?

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You are goddamn awesome. He taught her the math hook up lines rule as she implicitly defined the amplitude of his simple harmonic motion. This subreddit is for discussion of mathematical links and questions.

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Honey, you're sweeter than 3. Do you like differential geometry?

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What should we call you? If you were a graphics calculator, I'd look at your curves all day long!

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I have never heard this before. General political debate is not permitted. Baby you must be a modulus sign, 'cos whenever you wrap your arms round me i always feel positive!

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I think I've made this joke before, but: