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Maytag fridge water hook up

Do I need to have both hooked up? Disconnect the water dispenser tubing located on top of the door hinge.

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I can hear the fridge every hour or so trying to get water, but alas I am out of ideas. Reconnect the water dispenser tubing.

Is the water dispenser tube(some models) correctly connected ?

I hooked the water into the elbow copper valve and after waiting several hours nothing, no water, no ice. Phone Jack Hookup Problem. The other tube goes to the inlet side of the water valve. After placing a cap on the inlet valve, I still do not have water or ICE.

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Water Connection Style 1: Insert the tubing into the fitting until it stops and the outer ring is touching the face of fitting. Stymied by window leakage problem. Any ideas or help would be appreciated. Close the clasp around the tubing. Style 2 Firmly pull up on the clasp.

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I don't think we are understanding each other. BB code is On. Disconnect the water tubing, located behind the base grille on the freezer door side.

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They are connected inside the fridge somehow as again when I turned on the water to the hose that goes to the water filter, water came OUT the fridge water hook up valve. Firmly pull on the clasp to release the tube, then pull the water tubing free. Your water valve has an inlet and two outlets correct?

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So I put a cap on the elbow copper valve and have the water going into the plastic tubing, but after several hours still no water, no ice.

You said you hooked it up this way and water cam out of the valve?

Dispense water and check for leaking from fittings. Switch to Threaded Mode.

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On models with the ice storage bin inside the freezer, there is only one water tubing connection. If they are opened all the way, the base grille will not come off.

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