Musicman stingray serial dating Music Man Serial Number Database

Musicman stingray serial dating

Body 28 Jan DOB 14 Aug Neck date 21 Mar Body 11 Dec Inca Silver with Maple.

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Hollow string saddles with hex adjustable screws. Trans Red with Maple.

Music Man Serial Number Database

Black with Fretless Rosewood. Pot codes "" and "" pots. Owner believes he bought new in or 77? Clear pg with Union Jack flag underneath. This neck plate was allocated by EB, as at Marchto a Bass, according to UK owner, approx 4 years old, with faulty neck plate.

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Original white pg replaced with White Pearloid. Body 15 Dec Black Music Man strap. Neck Date 14 Sep Teal Pearl with Rosewood.

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Neck 16 June Purchased from original owner in Feb Sunburst old version of Honeyburst with Rosewood. Body 1 Dec 7x Body 4 Mar Owner believes or Pre-EB top load bridge design with mutes but now with the EB numbering system circa Other two pots dated 2nd week of "". Note that a certain amount of Serials don't follow chronological order.

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Logo tilts towards edge of headstock. Pre-amp has violet leadouts to treble pot. DOB 1 Feb Neck 8 Jan Vol pot code-dated 46th week of Pots code dated 18th week of Sunburst with birdseye Maple. Teal with birds eye Maple. No Body stingray serial dating but has number "2" in circle.

This Born-On date has day of month also. Owner says probably a Bass pot dated Fretted Rosewood neck has frets filed down to make it fretless.

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Honeyburst or early EB Sunburst with Rosewood.