My ex boyfriend and i still hook up My Ex Girlfriend Wants To Be Friends With Benefits But I Still Have Feelings For Her

My ex boyfriend and i still hook up

But even though you love me, can we still fuck while I go on dates with other men until I meet someone who I think is better than you? Then work on yourself, your skills. But for this one year, at my age and in my circumstance, having a lover was perfect. Better to deal with the void.

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Learning how to recover from a breakup and re-entering the dating pool is a valuable skill. Predictably, I think I have developed feelings for her again. This does not mean ignore her if you run into her or completely avoiding her.

Use them to your advantage. Over the years, he always assumed we were…. My ex-girlfriend and I hooked up post-breakup, and stayed together as lovers for almost a year. Think about all the reasons you resent your ex and use them as a justification to cut her off cold-turkey. In that respect, a friends with benefits situation is sort of okay to me.

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I love reading the comments almost as much as the blog!! Thanks for the email reminder, R, that relationship questions know no gender boundaries. It will lead to healthier relationship, better work productivity following future breakups, etc. My problem is that, after cutting all contact with her for two months, I have recently started having sex with her again.

Close this door and know that another will open. Maybe you can even be FWB. Evan, I met a girl online and we are meeting for the first time for lunch this week. You can also subscribe without commenting. I had a similar experience where a girlfriend and I broke up, then three months later she wanted to get back together for sex: These are not rational feelings.

You can do what you want with that info. A crisp, clean break usually heals faster and some may argue stronger. Losing a girlfriend means losing your best friend.

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Join our conversation 65 Comments. I broke up with my girlfriend of 11 months three months ago.

Nothing had changed — except we were both a little scared and lonely on our own. The Inner Circle really has been a learning process for which I'm grateful. I rather go to the movies alone, out to dinner alone. It can be done! I Hate You Now! Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. Sometimes its really hard to let go of the hope that it might be something more if you just hang around.

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A jagged, break with shards is usually more complicated to my ex boyfriend and i still hook up, and takes longer to heal and rehabilitate. There is always one who is going to get hurt before it is through, and you are not only delaying the pain, but also building it. My situation is very different from R.

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Friends with benefits is great conceptually; but once someone develops feelings, it all falls apart. Simply, the alternative of reinventing your life is a lot less appealing than keeping up your unpleasant status quo. She is using you for shag now and then, and you are using her for your social status, and a shag.