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I mean I have yet to date a greek girl myself I don't it takes lazy socially inept men completely off the hook. They might be great people, they just have a big mouth.

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Well datings, in my opinion dating a Greek guy is a tad bit different, but not to say in a negative way or to say that everyone should dating Greek. I'm tired of staring contests that end in nothing.

He had mom hips…lol…pear shape…i knew a man like that…it was so weird, he looked like a chic from behind…my friend dated him, i laughed everytime i saw him. This has to be so funny!

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Oh it is wonderful. Basically he prefers hanging out with his fraternity brothers. Keep ur options open is my opinion.

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If I have meetings, it is understood and vice versa. Along with our dues and fundraising efforts, collectively, they help us keep our organizations afloat.

So I think everyone should try to explore relationships with people they like, and not worry about the Greek thing so much.

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I think you can approach a man without "approaching" him. But at the same time dating a non greek guy allow for you to have a circle of friends to escape to that he does not know I guess it comes down to maturity and one's sense of security in the relationship.

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I can only speak for myself. You both have common ground and understanding of each others commitments. At my school, it's so hard to find a non-greek who won't be an ass because of your letters we have a very small greek population and a large anti-greek one but its just as hard, if not more difficult to find a fraternity guy who is worthy of dating.

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Things like that don't happen when you are non-greek. I enjoy dating them and I enjoy their friendship.

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