One direction imagines bsm your dating a member of 5sos 1D/5SOS BSM preferences

One direction imagines bsm your dating a member of 5sos, bsm you're dating one of the other boys

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The 3 of us stared at him in shock for a good 10 min. When Louis walked into the back to see you asleep, head on Luke's lap, who was running his fingers through you hair. But promise you will tell me anything from now on? Don't Let Me Go-Harry. Jar Of Hearts- Harry Preference: I mean what would Harry say? But when I see him tomorrow, don't be surprised if I'm in jail.

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Luke's smirk grew into a smile. He kisses you softly while you lift his shirt off. You put on your favourite outfit and just a little bit of makeup. You and knew that you were going to have to tell him. Why don't you come down to the studio with us and we can tell him together. Zayn read the text message that popped up on your phone screen in confusion.

BSM: You're Dating One of the Boys Secretly pt 1

You're his youngest sister and he's really protective of you so he would probably go all ape shit when he found out you were dating someone. When everybody had heard the news of how a boy in a band, got Liam's sweet, innocent, little sister pregnant, it was hard to believe.

Harry- "I saw you Ashton!!

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The One Direction and five seconds of summer boys were invited plus some of Nialls friends and some of yours. Imagine For Leeann Preference: Ashton held it up, looking at what was on the screen, his eyes widened, quickly shutting the lid. Before you came in Micheal was just telling us how cute and sweet and funny she is! You're Their Sister, And Preference: He said, wrapping his arm around your waist. I mean, you were in a relationship and you were very happy, but Harry has no idea. You both chugged half of your water bottles to make it look real and then placed them on your nightstand.

Cast Harry Styles as His sexy self. Once the 5 minutes wore out, you decided to put your plan into action. You had only been together a year, and a few months, yet, you sat with a large belly, containing a small, tiny, precious, little baby. I was literally like 14 when I wrote these so they're probably horrible and I will not be editing them again.

58) BSM-You're Dating A 5SOS Member

Sitting around in comfortable clothingor as comfortable as possible. You grabbed a bag of chips from your nightstand that you kept there for whenever you were hungry and grabbed two water bottles that were stored next to the bag, handing one to Calum and he quickly opened the bag of chips. Quote That Desribes Your Relationship. After a while of you laying in your bed, softly crying, Harry knocked on your door. But Louis only sighed. Cast One direction as themselve's. Log in to add to the discussion. Louis was finally home from tour and you were more than excited to get to spend some reality dating show on vuzu with your brother.

Which meant Liam was coming over.