One direction preferences bsm your dating a member of the wanted One Direction Preferences =P

One direction preferences bsm your dating a member of the wanted, your dating a member of the wanted~ bsm

100) BSM-You're Dating A Band Member but Something Goes Wrong -Request-

You say Nathan this is my brother Harry, Harry this is my boyfriend Nathan. So, they did what they did best, they found you at one of your favourite places.

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Nathan was pestering about if I would date you. You turn around and look between your brother and Niall and Zayn.

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You say Niall, Zayn would you like to join us. Even if he was mad, and surely he was, he still was happy to see you again. You let out a moan and feel him smirk. Louis looks at you nervously and in a blink of an eye Tom pushed Louis against the wall and started punching him. When you arrived to his place, Louis answered the door. These preferences are hard to write… Nathan is your brother: You knew you were screwed! You went onto Twitter and furrowed your eyebrows when you saw the trend " NiallCheated" which made your heart drop.

You never wanted to date him, not because of TW vs. A few minutes later, Zayn showed up finally. He quickly pulled you into his arms and held you tightly, kissing your head lightly. I love you boo. You were jumping up and down on the inside, but on the outside, you were calm. The One Direction and five seconds of summer boys were invited plus some of Nialls friends and some of yours.

(Requested) Preference: BSM, You’re Dating A Member of The Wanted

You met Luke two and a half months ago and since then you started to date secretly. You were staying there another two weeks and you asked Harry if you could have a sleep over at the 5sos house and Harry agreed. It was a chilly August afternoon and Niall hasn't texted you all day which concerned you but you thought he was just busy. Read this story for FREE! Who told you that?! My ask box is always opened for requests! Tom was your brother, and Louis was your best friend. You were ecstatic to see him again.

You were the sister of Nathan, and it was hard, sometimes. Siva faked gagged at you two.

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A huge smile went across your face and you ran to the swings. He kisses your forehead and someone lets out a cough and you see Nathan standing there awkwardly. Luke texted you to go to the bathroom so you did.

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Zayn was currently in the bathroom. One day, something happened, and to you, it was something lucky. I trusted that bastard to NOT hurt you and he did the exact opposite?!?! You had to deal with his constant rants about his rival band, One Direction. Tom says what the hell is going on here? You were laying in your bed cuddling with Siva, watching a movie.

You're dating a member of the wanted

You were the youngest of the group, and you were born just before your father died. Not celebrity status," you said, partially quoting Nathan. Why are you laughing?