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That all goes on largely unconsciously free dating sites in augusta ga course. And I apologize for all the typos and for outcome independence dating you a four point list with five points. I am currently in the process of building up my business, and its actually going very good thanks for all the tips!


Of course, he, probably more than anyone, brought PUA to the general public, and I suppose that is a outcome independence dating thing. That is the nature of the game. Is gaining self-esteem this way a sign of lacking OI? And you naturally have higher self-esteem when you take the time to look great, smell great, etc.

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Women love happy men. Obviously you want to be calibrated when meeting women or talking to friends. Longtime lurker, 1st time poster.

Find a quiet place and run through a new scenario in your head.

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TheRedPill submitted 2 years ago by SeismicBoss. It will also help remove a lot of the stress and pressure you would have normally felt in the past in trying to affect a situation to your desired outcome.

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Also, as far as deliberate strategy goes, if you want to motivate someone, intermittent reinforcement is best. No, I am not Sonny. There are billions of women out there. Or at least, you stop thinking in those terms.

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I just have a quick question for you. More importantly, be flexible in adapting to the situation and learn from those mistakes. The harder problem is HOW to genuinely achieve outcome independence rather than just faking it.

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Your email address will not be published. I followed all of the shitty advice back then but the things that directly helped me were awesome buddies who I could have good times with, which then just led me to be confident and outcome independent anyways. What should we call you?

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It's reassuring, because it shows that other girls have obviously been with you before, and have most likely enjoyed your company.

The bigger proof that the theory behind this phenomenon is wrong is because outcome independence not only works for women, but it works EVEN MORE than it does when a man is outcome independent. For example, my faculty teaches a lot of made up bullshit that isn't grounded in reality.

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