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A self-proclaimed "traditional Irish bar and longstanding club destination," McFadden's is a spacious establishment with a full bar, dance floor and seating section often populated with munchie-driven frat boys. Old folks need love, too! So the key to a certain kind of first date is to choose somewhere that could go either way. Nothing is more of an aphrodisiac than standing up on a stage, belting out the lyrics of your favorite song, probably a few drinks into your night and than it happens, you notice a beautiful set of eyes staring back at you from the crowd. It probably comes as no surprise that Portland offers exce ….

A huge independent bookstore that is "all the rage" in Portland.

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Holy shit not early enough. Do not get the deep-fried mac 'n' cheese, it's like chugging motor oil. A night pumping quarters into the games of your childhood is casual, low pressure, and full of opportunities for portland hook up bars cooperation and friendly competition.

But where to do so? If you're looking for a less committed type of singles experience, check out Dixie's on a weekend. Plus, the thrill of feeling your arm brush against his as you play X-Men side by side? Creative Commons Attribution 2.

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But the dancers here are never jerks when it comes to their talents. My hubby's Hendricks gin martini was delightfully boozy, with bright green lily-pad olives, which looked fetching in the candlelight I guess he looked all right too. Isobel Washington has been a freelance journalist since Let's start it off with a bang shall we? Even when you find someone you get along with—even when things are going well—relationships are fraught with jealousy or insecurity or misunderstanding or loneliness or boredom.

The man nods, wraps his arm around his date's hip.

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Her name is Kayla. Something went wrong, we couldn't load your article! Well, nothing except a lap dance, 54 beers on tap, and a salad bar equipped with an ample sneezeguard. Portland City Grill It's the incredible view of downtown and the Cascade Mountains from the 30th floor of the US Bank Tower that has truly "lifted" this establishment above the ranks of other singles bars in Portland. What you will find is a united front of city and country kids looking to have a drink, watch some dancers and have a online dating app österreich time.

It feels a bit like the bar at the Overlook Hotel, like a few decades ago happy revelers would be drinking and carrying on, but tonight it's just you, the corporate couple from Omaha and Bakersfield respectivelyand some sad-sack ghosts. Oh damn, does that girl on the dance floor have a lip ring?

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No, let her see the Real You. The bar draws a ton of country folk from Portland's 'burbs. Where else but among Ground Kontrol's joysticks and trackballs can one so fully assess a prospective mate's coordination, instincts, and digital dexterity? Young advertising go-getters, gallery curators, shop owners and fashionistas pepper the population of Portland hipsters that keep Bluehour afloat on the Portland singles bar scene. He thinks he's a chicken.

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Singles bars in Portland range in crowd, atmosphere and pricing, but each aims to foster a light buzz and an enjoyable time. This bar definitely draws the hipster crowd of North Portland but even if you don't have gauges in your ears or dress shoes with shorts, you're bound to have a great time.

The lighting is favorable.

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This is a quintessential college bar, where weeknights ring of a sports bar atmosphere and weekends lure baseball cap and button-up combinations, with scantily clad young ladies who come for the mixes provided by the bartenders and the live DJs.