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We aren't as big as NYC, but we have a great symphony, plenty of great sushi places, concerts every weekend, great plays, and while that may not compare to the MET or the MOMA, we do have plenty of outdoorsy activities like hiking and skiing that you probably haven't been able to experience much. Upvoting posts that you like helps more people in the community see them.

Yeah, I mostly agreed with your assessments. It's expensive, but not NYC expensive. I'm not sure if it got better or worse since I used it last summer. Perhaps judging people on who they are instead of caring about their genetics might be a better way to approach things.

I'm a single guy, and adirondack dating a rough start in the dating scene out here but I've had a modicum of success.

I feel like I am making Seattle sound really bad based off what I just wrote but in all honesty Seattle is the best city I have ever lived in and I have never been more comfortable or felt so connected with a city in my entire life. FAQ See the wiki for answers to frequently asked questions, such as how to move to Seattle, how to get around, and what to do when you're here. Do they just not say things and hold grudges?

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Or just start seattle hookup reddit, if you know what to do! This is an archived post. The concept of dating seems to be more dead than alive in this area.

Here are my experiences by app: My experiences with men have been really across the board compared to Match, which I discuss below, where they seem friendlier and more ready to commit.

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You eat good for the baby! Already have an account? Upvoting posts that you like helps more people in the community see them. When you arrive in Seattle you can also buy these downtown What is double dating means guides at drug stores to help you get around.

If not, read no further. Swiping left on the same person in multiple apps makes me feel sad for them, and then it makes me think about how many people swipe left on ME in multiple apps, and then I'm trapped in an online-dating existential void.

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Profiles tended to be better written and more fleshed out. However, Seattle is a big city, so I don't worry about that too much. If you go on yelp and search for one star hotels that are cheap, you're bound to find plenty. Maybe because seattle is close to water? I feel most of the important points on culture and housing have been made already.

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I see your opinion, but mine is different. SeattleWA submitted 4 months ago by [deleted].


Have your own interests, go out there and look for new friends and it's just super ridiculously easy. My fascination was always in checking out a girl's message inbox. Things to do and restaurants.

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Whether you're looking for platonic or non-platonic friends, gaming buddies, online friends, soulmates, travelmates, smoking buddies, activity partners, friends with benefits, or casual encounters, this is the place to find and seek. Here are some available suggestions. Meeting people in Seattle can be tricky. Have had about 3 successful first dates meaning the real life person was as they portrayed themselves online, and I connected well enough with them that I would consider a second date and 2 unsuccessful first dates person was a bit duplicitous in portraying themself or something embarrassing happened in about a year.

She is seriously one of the sweetest people I have ever met. I'd agree with starting with OKCupid, getting a feel for the people of the region a lot of hikers and travelers out hereand then dipping into Match if you find you have cash to spare and want to expedite the process if you're not hitting it off with OK.

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All the things that people complain about in Seattle are worse in New York.