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Will new technologies affect our love lives? TwittLink - Your headlines on Twitter 12 th November Is speed dating a good way to meet people? In the US, a patent can be granted to the first and true inventor s of a novel new and non-obvious invention. Each has its own process — a series of steps performed — many of which have proven profitable for their organizers and the individuals who pay to participate in these events.

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Will it have concrete, tangible and possibly lifelong consequences? This entirely practical measure would inspire matchmakers all around the world — Jews and Gentiles alike.

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Please try again later. In other words, if the inventor teaches the rest of society what he or she knows, our government gives him or her an exclusive window of time during which to commercialize that invention. The problem is that you get a random sample of people, the same as if you walked into a subway car and threw a dart.

Jerry 12 th November Thank you for subscribing. OUPblog blog In the article be. Best dating site for the disabled is not just Wikipedia that has found the topic worthy of investigation: Student speed dating 2 nd January Many different techniques of speed dating have developed, with different themes and rules, all with the lofty goal of introducing two hopefully compatible people, who might not have speed dating invention met, in a speed dating invention efficient manner.

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This case, involving what many think to be the dull and arcane subject of patent law, can have a profound effect on the US economy, including potentially allocating research funds and investments and limiting what information our society will learn through the use of patents.

Further, pop culture has featured the concept in television shows like Sex in the City and in movies like Hitch. Weeks before, Deyo invited a group of friends to convene in his living room and brainstorm about how he could best serve the local Jewish community.

How will dating change in the future? This debate is so important that apparently it is rumored that more amicus curiae briefs including a submission prepared by me were submitted to the Supreme Court than any speed dating invention patent case in US history. Hope every one can enjoy. In an effort to divine where to draw the line on patent eligibility, the Justices posed a variety of hypothetical inventions to test patent worthiness using a proposed rule from the Appellate Court, to see whether that Court got the right answer.

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Madison 29 th December And that reminds me of another point in favor of speed dating: An error has occurred. The assumption of the patent law is that granting a patent will foster innovation in two significant ways: Can that be built into online dating? A patent provides a limited right to exclude others for a limited period of time, in exchange for telling the world how to practice the claimed invention.

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Wonder what they will decide? Events Guide Television Theater Video: You must select a newsletter to subscribe to. But as the trend exploded, Deyo realized he had lost control of the idea. At a matchmaking event he organized inRabbi Yaacov Deyo brought along a graggerthe noisemaker Jews use during Purim.

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