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If I die in a German Blitz. When I land bury me deep with two turntables at my feet and a mic at my head so when I die I can rock the dead. He's just wishing, hopin, praying!

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Pick up your chutes and jump with me. If I die on the combat zone. Saw an Old Lady Saw an old lady running down the street Had a cute on her back, jump boots on her feet Said, "Hey old lady where you goin' to? Many of Dylans greatest albums end with an epic that takes up the entire. Stand up hook up shuffle to the door lyrics.

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If that one dont open neither, Ill say hey to ole Saint Peter. All the stand up hook up shuffle to the door lyrics, We love to run every day. Armed Forces or Department of Veteran Affairs.

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Up in the Morning Up in the morning 'fore dawn I don't like it, no way Eat my breakfast too damn soon Hungry as a hound dog by noon. C rollin down the track 55 soldiers in the back mission top secret, destination unknown don't know if they're comin home stand up, hook up, shuffle to the door pull that cord when you count to four if my main don't open wide I've got a reserve right by my side And if that one should fail be too Look out below i'm comin through if i should die on the ol' drop zone patch me up and send me home Pin my medals on my chest tell my momma i did my best.

Positive blow up Acadian Driftwood Acapulco achilles last stand Acid.

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Ranger hit the water, went outta sight, Alligator on him like a flash o light! Bury speakers all around my head. Army Board Study Guide. My knees got weak and I hit the floor. Alligator looked with a big ol grin, Hey Mr Ranger I'm gonna do you in. C rolling down the strip Airborne daddy gonna take a little trip Stand up, Hook up, Schuffle to the door Jump on out and count to four If my main don't open for me I got anther one by my knee If that one don't open too look out ground I'm coming thru Hit the ground with my legs apart feel my Spinxter hit my heart.

When my plane gets up so high.

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R is for rough and tough A is for all the way N is for never quit G is for gung-ho E is for excellence R is for Ranger. Pick up your weapons and follow me. Find an date hi everyone run dennis smith.

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Honest and simple, Gillens lyrics carry a much larger meaning and create a giant landscape for. Money in the air.

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You can't count to five!