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At the end of the song, Sebastian attempts to throw a slushie at Kurt, but Blaine shoves Kurt out of the way, resulting in getting a slushie later determined to contain rock salt to the face. Maybe lightning does strike in the same place twice.

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Take a peek at her answers! Blaine suggests that he gets close to Elliott, quoting "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.

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Brittany says, "No, not really. You know, it's funny. They were also sitting next to each other in the choir room listening to Quinn and Tina singing So Far Awayafter Becky ran out they followed her and tried to comfort her by telling her the secrets they kept and being honest with her. Later, Kurt follows Blaine's advice to confront the bully, Dave Karofsky. Santana looks at her for approval, Brittany nods her head in approval and looks at her sweetly.

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Puck walks in at the beginning of the episode with his mohawk shaved off. Brittany walks up in the middle of Santana's interview with Jacob and interrupts, they walk off smiling with their arms locked. We see Blaine clapping with the other Warblers and then flutter his eyes. This upsets Kurt, and he yells at Blaine telling him that Artie is very fragile, and he doesn't have to use it right now.

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Worried, Blaine finds Burt and tells him that he should talk to Kurt about sex, as he thinks that if Burt waits until Kurt is ready to talk about it, the conversation might come too late. After they announce their decision and Mercedes shows up at Bushwick, Blaine determines to move with Mercedes along with Sam. Alma angrily states that she came to her house, pretented to be a nurse to she see her whom is actually dating on glee.

During the performance of I Kissed A Girlthey film the performance with their phones, sitting closely together.

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Kurt thinks that Blaine is the perfect Tony. At the end, they all walk out, while also helping Artie up the stairs.

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She asks if either of them think they are a lesbian. Blaine gazes adoringly at him and takes Kurt's hand after he stops talking. Later on, as Kurt is about to leave work, he discovers that Isabelle is still sitting at her desk, so he has a brief chat with her. Pervert dressed in Batman whom is actually datings on glee is snared by vigilante paedophile group after trying to talk to four It seems that the play, Artie's direction and Blaine's own primal 4ppl online dating site have been awakened as he says "Don't you think now is the time to be adventurous, while we're still young?

Dianna Agron and Nick Mathers Dianna has reportedly been dating ; Australian fashion designer and restaurant owner Nick Mathers since this summer.

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Kurt tearfully says yes to his proposal and the two share a passionate kiss, with their loved ones clapping and cheering around them. While Finn and Rachel are talking about Jesse in the hotel lobby, you can see Brittany and Santana standing with Quinn in the background.

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And I'm sure your girlfriend's great, but you can't recreate what you and I have. In the choir room, Brittany is giving Santana a shoulder massage when they find out that Quinn is pregnant. Burt then asks if he thinks that the two of them were meant to be and that they have a true love, both to which Blaine says yes too. Later, they are seen sleeping together in, formerly, Kurt's bedroom. They reach a hotel room where Kurt has a key to, opens it, grabs Blaine's tie and pulls him in.

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They are both seen wearing their friendship bracelets through the majority of the episode. Blaine reminds him that Dalton is about fitting in, hence the uniforms. News of their engagement broke in ;September ;, but Max actually proposed a year ago! Aren't you were paying. But Kurt tells her he's the love of his life, and nothing or no one is going to come between them.