Will skill based matchmaking be removed MODERATORS

Will skill based matchmaking be removed

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Unfortunately, peoples connection suffer the consequences, and in turn, makes them dating networking websites the game. Elite players avoided pubs, so it was pretty rare to get steam-rolled and if one did show up, it made for an entertaining, challenging break.

The normal playlist should act as a casual playlist making connection a priority first. I'm chronically unexceptional in COD games, and that's fine by me, because some matches I'd get my ass handed to me and others I'd be at the top of the lobby.

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I just want a mercenary playlist and connection based MM. But see that's not the case at all. I have no problem trying hard for the win because that's what I do.

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This game is getting boring fast. I could be wrong but did they not try SBMM in black ops 2 only to remove it after they got complaints? Therefore they're attempting to make sure everyone can win, and feel good about themselves.

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Stop punishing good players and helping bad ones. P Laughing at the noobs.

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I think they don't want bad players to get demolished every game against sweaty tryhards. Keep your sights on MP1st for more Call of Duty: I feel old saying this but back in my day when i was bad at the game i strived do better then the guy going not do the sameas him. That doesn't mean we should be catering to the less capable people just to make them feel better. Message 16 of So, you are say that you are a 3 KD player, and don't want to play against other 3 KD players because a 3 KD player is a sweaty try hard?

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I would rather have a good connection to players that may be better, worse, or the same as me opposed to a crappy connection to equally skilled players. I only came to see if anyone else was having mm issues, because it was taking a while for me to find a match on the ps4.

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To me that sounds backwards. Please see our Cookie Policy to find out more here. I bump into a group of 5 try hards that camp with their HBRa3's and Bal's on every map. Play domination or Kill Confirmed and will skill based matchmaking be removed play the objective as fast as possible but also kill people as fast as you can don't worry about dying.

When I let my girlfriend take party lead and join her games my connection is awesome every time and I don't feel like I die fast at all. Me, personally i am getting used to match with people over a bit strange considering i'm level BTW. League of legends have dedicated servers.