World of tanks matchmaking patent WG Matchmaker patent - US8425330 B1

World of tanks matchmaking patent

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Discussions Activity Best Of What I do know is that it has been discussed in the world of tanks matchmaking patent and the answer give was that just because a patent exists it's no proof that it is being actively used. That is, matchmaking server may select multiple vehicles at a time to add to a battle session, e. Altered attributes provides the game player with vehicle and characters able to compete more effectively against other players.

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The battle table may provide an advantage to premium vehicles by limiting the tiers of other vehicles against which a similarly tiered premium vehicle may compete. Details regarding how this aspect is performed are provided below, based on the use of the variable Nin table How to find your WN8: Claiming something is fact just undermines your credibility.

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Oh, and for me quite often experience is to have monkeys in low tiers with winners in the top. In step matchmaking server receives a battle session request from each of a plurality of clients, and queues the requests for allocation to a future battle session. More on them on another day.

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You always start the day by winning everything and then after 5 or 6 games you cannot win any games anymore because the rest of your team cannot scratch their own arses without help and it will keep on being like that until you take a 3 hour break and then your shit team indicator is reset and you can have fun games again. It occupies a range, and tends to go downward if the player isn't comfortable with their choice of vehicle or units.

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Or do you think the MM puts all the good players on the same team, so they will lose? Anonymous Feb 23,2: Thing1 This rigged matchmaking also happens in World of Warships as well.

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No algorithm can change that. Step may also include confirming a vehicle's eligibility based on additional criteria other than battle level. Each vehicle may also be assigned a tier rating.

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I guess the perpetually drunk US patent office will fall for this one as well. What would be the reason to lie to the playerbase?

The computer readable media of claim 1wherein the plurality of different vehicle types comprise light tank, medium tank, heavy tank, self-propelled artillery, and tank destroyer. Check out some communities and we recommend you subscribe to at least 5.

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As with everything i've posted in this thread, these are all my opinions though. GeorgePreddy 7 Posted May 20 - It doesn't decide the battles outcome before the first shot, right? Started by yoMay 20 - In one embodiment, matchmaking server selects tanks so that a total weight of vehicles from two teams within the battle session are equal or near equal.

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Sign In Email address: An instance of a virtual world, as used herein, describes a stand-alone instance of the virtual world that does not interact with or depend on other instances of the world of tanks matchmaking patent world. Object database may be configured to store data defining and otherwise associated with an object used by a user of device to explore and interact with the virtual world.

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No other MM method has corespondents in the official version and in the patent at the same time using memory of past performance. Year of fee payment: Claiming something for a fact just proves you are wrong. Similarly, there may be multiple radio types within the radio class. One or more non-transitory computer readable media storing computer executable instructions that, when executed, cause a system to perform: